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Tentative peach availability: Late June 2018
 Quick Facts


~ A firm-ripe peach, which gives only slightly when gently squeezed, is best for canning, freezing or storing without bruising.  

~A soft-ripe peach is excellent for eating immediately, and making ice cream or jam.

~Peaches can be held at room temperature until soft enough to eat, and then refrigerated for up to two weeks.

~Three to four medium sized peaches equal a pound. 

~One bushel of fresh peaches will yield 18-24 quarts if you are canning or freezing.

 Yellow, white, freestone, or cling?


~Yellow peaches have an acidic tang and a sweet flavor.  They are the traditional peach most people eat.  These are better to can and cook with, as well as to eat.


~White peaches are very sweet and have a low acidity level.  These are mainly for eating.


~The flesh of a cling peach is known to stick to the pit of the peach.  They have a wonderful flavor, but are a harder to use for desserts, canning, or freezing. 


~When a freestone peach is cut in half, the stone pops right out.  These peaches are good for canning, freezing, and eating.